Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is my club "DUPRILOT PHOTOGRAPHY". Ak just follow mmbe ak tok mngisi hobi diri. Actually, ak mmg da lme suke bnde2 like this, u know like art, photography, graphic etc. Ak suke mngisi mse lpng dgn mlkukan prkare2 yg dsbut td. Hurm, anyway thnx to AFIQ & AZRUL b'coz invite me in this CLUB. I would do my best for this carier & try to remove shyness. Ak suke kn club nie, in this club, ive learn many thing about CAMERA. Azrul Aziz yg byk mngajar ak about kmera ni. Thnx a lot to him. One thing in my life, "LIFE CONTINUES"

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