Monday, October 8, 2012

World Wide Web today :)

World Wide Web (WWW), system of resources that enable computer users to view and interact with a variety of information, including magazine archives, public- and university-library resources, current world and business news, and software programs. The WWW can be accessed by a computer connected to an internet, an interconnection of computer networks or through the public Internet, the global consortium of interconnected computer networks.
WWW resources are organized to allow users to move easily from one resource to another. Users generally navigate through the WWW using an application known as a WWW browser client. The browser presents formatted text, images, sound, or other objects, such as hyperlinks, in the form of a WWW page on a computer screen. The user can click on a hyperlink with the cursor to navigate to other WWW pages on the same source computer, or server, or on any other WWW server on the network. The WWW links exist across the global Internet to form a large-scale, distributed, multimedia knowledge base that relates words, phrases, images, or other information. Smaller-scale implementations may occur on enterprise internets.
WWW pages are formatted using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and information is transferred among computers on the WWW using a set of rules known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Other features may be added to web pages with special programs, such as Java, a programming language that is independent of a computer's operating system, developed by Sun Microsystems. Java-enabled web browsers use applets that run within the context of HTML-formatted documents. With applets it is possible to add animation and greater interactively to web pages.
The World Wide Web was developed in 1989 by English computer scientist Timothy Berners-Lee to enable information to be shared among internationally dispersed teams of researchers at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (formerly known by the acronym CERN) near Geneva, Switzerland. It subsequently became a platform for related software development, and the numbers of linked computers and users grew rapidly to support a variety of endeavors, including a large business marketplace. Its further development is guided by the WWW Consortium based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Monday, June 20, 2011

rumah sewa.

hurm,sem 2 da nk strt,rumh sewa still xdpt lg.aduh,cmne ni?
tnsion lak.mmbe2 yg len sume da dpt,just tnggl group ak ni je lom dpt lg,rumah ohh rumah ko tlong la dtg pdaku,ak ingin sewa kn dikau tok 3thun ni.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

final around the corner!!!!

03/05/11 - final ohh final...ap la nsib ak time final nie, ak pon xbape yakin ngn final nie.seblom ni pon xde la rse cmni skli.huh.!!!who know me,just give a pray for me, at least i have my confident to enter the final.. hope all of u.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

final exam..!

pejam celik2x,da nk dkt final,da nk abs sem 1. Time fast quickly, hope final ni bole buat,bkn tok sape2,but tok ak gak kn...?alngkh indahnye, if "im the clever man". To the others friend, i hope u'll also can do the final i will pray for u'll also. Just i thing i want from u'll, "DON'T FORGET ME IF U'LL PAST THE FINAL"..!(i hope that)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

panas hati..!

junkgot : knape laki klu slh,pmpuan mrh gler babi..!
tp klu pmpuan slh,laki rilek je,mrh pon ckit...knpe?
panda : biase ar bro!!! gelabah tetek!!!!
jawe : pmpuan mmg mcm tuh, "agak2 larh"
der : biase la laki kn "cool"..!

panda : kteorg sume mmg x gntleman pon..
junkgot : wlupon x gntleman idop biar "cool" jew

Junkgot, Panda, Jawe, Der... : "FUCK off " ....!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

penat !

28hb 1 2011, petang ni kteorg wat keje gila, buat2 kne tnggl bus then jln kaki smpi ostel. Bpk la pnt seyh, xtpu korng la. prjlnan kteorg kire2 dlm 1.5 km kot. jauh gak la ostel kteorg ngn kolej, tp dlm pnt2 ni, kteorg rse happy n advnture la, yela dpt jln sme2 jauh2 nie, dpt pnglaman skit mcm2 kteorg dpt, nseb bek anjing xkjar...
da la byk anjing kt sni, tkut gila la...
hahaha,len kli law nk wat kje gila, jgn smpi gle cmni. haha

Friday, January 21, 2011

melawat UTEM!!!

Thursday, 19hb Jan - ini ary ak melawat UTEM(Universiti Teknikal Melaka). bole thn la tmpt tuh, besar pon besar, cntik pon cntik...Hurm, tp bosan skit la law bljr kt situ, yela tmpt nye jaoh kedalam. kirenye area2 utan skit la... Hurm, ak mlawat utem ni pon sbb trplih pegi tgk mahathir berucap. Tajuknya "Pemikir Muda" agk kebosnan skit la.. Tht's y ak bwk headphone ak, brgune gk headphone ak tyme tuh...
huhu, sory Mahathir, coz ak x pay attension ngn ap yg u ckp. ahaha, but really, best la gk g sane...