Thursday, December 23, 2010

meaning of "FRIENDS"

Kami brtiga mmg kwn rpat. Kmi knl time dlm kls d KPMBP, dsitu la kmi mula brkwn dr bln 7 hngge ke bln 11. Aftr ths, we all are going same college. My heart say, " is this called friends? ". Like usually, this is the trip of life. Kmi brtiga mmg ad rzeki tok brjmpe lg, wlupon kmi pnh brjmpe dgn hnye 5bln sje. Aftr this, kmi akn brsme sme 3thun d college yg sme. fuhhh, best gle rse nye. Papepon, we all are friends. Now, i get a meaning of friends. "FRIENDS FOREVER"

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